Lifenotes #10: May & June 2021

A two for one special!

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✨ Highlights

  • Second lockdown birthday 🥲 it was nice though, saw some friends the day before, and had a nice chilled day 🎈
  • Attended All Day Hey! and learnt a bunch 🤓
  • Learnt to vinyl print, and made a funny t-shirt for Jamie 😄
  • My mum, sister and nephews came to visit for a whole week! It was really lovely to see them, and it was the first time they've been over since we've been in the house. Having the space to host everyone was great.
  • I upgraded from my old and tired series 3 Apple watch to a shiny blue series 6 ⌚️
  • Our garden has been really lovely through spring and into summer. It's a little overgrown and has lots of different plants, but that means it's been flowering non stop and full of bees 💛
  • Saw friends for another garden gathering 🎉
  • Convinced myself I needed something a little more portable than my laptop and a bit bigger/better than my old iPad pro, so I got a new M1 iPad pro. So far I love it, and the new magic keyboard with the trackpad is so nice to use 😌

🎮 Played/Read/Watched

📸 Pics

Collage of pictures from May: me blowing a candle; my colourful desk setup ready to stream all day hey; our flowering wisteria creeping up the side of the house; my lush monstera after being repotted; a black t shirt next to sme vinyl strips; my new apple watch; a squirrel sat on a branch of our flowering apple tree.
Collage of pictures from June: two strawberries from one of our plants; Thom being a koala grabbed onto a tree branch; my nephews Thom and I playing pandemic; Thom and Manuel pointing at some birds at the park; a bowl of delicious homemade bibimbap; my cosy armchair next to a cup of tea and a book; a yellow mug that says filled with rage; my new ipad in its box; a shot of our deck with the flowering hydrangea up the wall.