Lifenotes #21: August 2022

Summer edition ☀️

· 2 min read ⏱️

✨ Highlights

  • I went to Italy for a week, did a few days solo and then met up with my lovely sister and nephews. It was a lot of fun, and nice to disconnect for a bit 💛
  • Had quite a few fun outings with friends. Nice meals, walks, trips to the park, just all around enjoyable days.

🎮 Played/Read/Watched

📸 Pics

Collage of pictures from August: Juno looking goofy on my bed; my sister smiling across from me at a restaurant; a stack of pancakes and an iced coffee in a cafe in Florence; the sunset through some trees; little selfie at the beach; selfie next to the tower of Pisa; group pic with my sister and nephews by the Arno in Florence; Juno looking extra goofy in the park, with a ball in his mouth and his lead falling over his head; my feet on the sand at the beach, with a wave washing over them; Colwick lake lit by moonlight; my nephews and I at the water park; the Ponte Vecchio in Florence; Juno laying on the rug by the kitched door looking shiny; my colourful summer manicure; a Keith Haring mural in Pisa; Juno and Thom sitting in the car.