Lifenotes #27: February 2023

Fun times with family and friends 💛

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✨ Highlights

  • Got Beyoncé tickets 💃
  • Accepted an offer on the house 🤞
  • My lovely family came to visit 💛
  • Went to a fun pots and pints evening with my pals and made some tiles
  • Saw a couple of my work besties for drinks and pizza
  • Hung out with Kevino and got to properly catch up

🎮 Played/Read/Watched

📸 Pics

Collage of pictures from February: my friend Rachael with a plate of pancakes and coffee at Cartwheel Café; my sister telling off Juno while he jumps on her; my friends Anna, Nisha, Chie and I holding our clay creations (it was a blind sculpt game, so they're very wonky faces); my plate of pancakes, kinda half eaten; selfie of me in the mirror wearing a mostly black outfit and ripped denim shirt; a pizza i made; my nephews, mum and sister hopping along the Chee Dale stepping stones, in the peak district; my mum and nephews posing in front of a tunnel entrance in Chee Dale; Juno looking back at the kids while we walked in the woods; my friend Audrey smiling at the camera with her pizza; my friend Sharan and I posing with our pizzas too; some avocado on toast i made for breakfast; my dog Juno fast asleep on his bed that's in my office.


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