Lifenotes #29: April 2023

Turns out I do have ADHD 🧠

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✨ Highlights

  • Went to a triangirls event and it was really great 🍹
  • Spent good friday in London doing fun things 😌
  • Bought my car! 🚙🎉
  • Attended our web day in the office and met some of my lovely colleagues in person 💛
  • Got diagnosed with ADHD (finally!)
  • Went to see Suzi Ruffell with Nisha and laughed so much my jaw hurt 😄

🎮 Played/Read/Watched

📸 Pics

Collage of pictures from April: a nice sunset in my local park, blue orange skies and a flat grassy field, shot through the branches of a cherry blossom; me smiling at the camera sat outside a bottle shop having a beer; my dog Juno, a black fluffy german shepherd sat in the park with his eyes closed and sticking his tongue out just a tiny bit; Juno again, lying down and looking up at the camera with big eyes; a candlelit pint of craft beer at Mikkeler; a picture of the Triangirls event, you can see the Triangirls logo on the big screen and the women in the panel sat by it, as well as a big crowd; a close up of Juno biting onto his orange frisbee, looking a little deranged; my new car, a second hand blue mini countryman; a delicious looking detroit style pizza, fluffy and topped with vegetables, olives, and tonnes of parmesan; Jonathan, a tall bearded dark haired white man, standing in front of a huge colourful mural, composed of eyes and noses and leaves, at the Gilbert and George museum; my friend Anna and her bowl of ramen at a restaurant, she's covering her face with her hands; the web crew at Monzo, a bunch of lovely people on a group shot in the office; my ipad with the crosswords open and a coffee with latte art at a café; a picture of my legs, wearing jeans and socks while I'm sat on the sunny deck, there's a red watering can to the side and Juno's resting his head on my shins; Juno sat upright on his bed in the fireplace, looking slightly odd; a bowl of white rice and crispy tofu with gochujang sauce, served with some charred broccoli.



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