Lifenotes #30: May 2023

I'm 34! 🎈

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✨ Highlights

  • Had a really fun trip to Leeds for All Day Hey! and did some bonus birthday celebrating 🥳
  • Went for pizza and games with some friends to celebrate my birthday.
  • Had a fun little urban exploration walk with Juno onto the site of an old soap factory.
  • Took Juno on a german shepherd group walk.
  • Started to reap the benefits of learning to drive and buying a car, like impromptu Costco trips!
  • Went to Edinburgh with my lovely friends and sister to see Queen Bey 💃
    • Took the new Carolmobile even though I was super nervous but the drive was fine!
    • My lovely friends did share the driving though 💛
  • Drove all the way to Devon to see my family the week after, just me and dog.
  • My house buyers basically dropped their offer by £35k, and threatened to pull out of the sale 🫠

🎮 Played/Read/Watched

📸 Pics

Collage of pictures from May: Juno, my fluffy black german shepherd, looking cute while biting my finger; Jonathan, a bearded dark haired white man, sat at the pub with his plate of steak and frites; a table full of yummy pub food, including a bowl of chips completely smothered in parmesan; some small white flowers from the plum tree in my garden; a countryside path with a few people and their german shepherds, you can see juno's head and back at the bottom of the frame; my friend Rachael stood with open arms in front of Costco; my friends Anna, Emma and Rachael and I, in the car on the way to Edinburgh; the stage at the Beyonce gig, you can see her and the dancers on the stage, the screen behind the stage is all red and there's a huge bust of her dressed in a red latex dress; my friends Rach and Emma, and my sister Lu at brunch; my friend Anna and I at brunch; Juno and I, sat in the boot of my car while I have a sandwich; my sister's dog Penny and Juno playing in a big park, you can also see my nephews running in the background; my sister, mum, nephews, Juno and I posing in front of the woolacombe beach on a sunny day; Juno stood on the pier in Lynton, looking majestic in the sunshine, with his shiny black coat; my youngest nephew Manuel, posing in front of the valley of rocks, near Lynton; my eldest nephew Bruno and I, posing in front of both the valley of rocks and the sea.



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