Lifenotes #31: June 2023

Lots of good food this month.

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✨ Highlights

  • My lovely friend Victor came to visit me from Spain
    • I showed him around some Nottingham spots, like my fav restaurants, Sherwood Forest, the castle, etc.
    • I then went to London for work, and extended the trip by a day so we could hang out there too.
      • We went to a couple of good restaurants, Maene and Fallow - I found Fallow overhyped tho, wasn’t that good 😅
  • Had my BSL exams and we had a nice picnic after the last exam 😌
  • For Jonathan’s birthday I booked us a dinner + overnight stay + breakfast at Sat Bains, a local Michelin starred restaurant, and it was AMAZING.
  • The house situation got unfucked - we negotiated a way forward with the buyers 🎉

🎮 Played/Read/Watched

  • Die hard 4.0: every christmas I watch the Die Hard films, but I never make it past 3. So went rogue with my friend and watched this one. It was ok.
  • Assassins creed: this was SO BAD. Both my friend and I fell asleep on the sofa with this on. No ragrets.
  • The handmaiden: this was SO GOOD! I love a story that manages to surprise me, and this film did just that, plus it’s stunning.
  • Catastrophe: I’d never watched the final series so I rewatched the whole thing. Such a fun - and sometimes a little heartbreaking - show.
  • Colin from accounts: this was a recommendation from Thom. It was a really fun watch!
  • Kendal mountain tour: the collection of films this year was ok, but not amazing. I did really enjoy the film about some dudes who decided to paraglide halfway up a mountain so they could scale to the top after. Insane stuff!
  • Asteroid city: the story wasn’t amazing, but it had a really great cast so it was a fun watch.

📸 Pics

Collage of pictures from June: my friend Victor, who's white, with average height and weight and has black hair and beard, stood in front of the Major Oak in Sherwood Forest, a huge oak tree; Victor again, sat on my dining table with my dog Juno, a fluffy black german shepherd licking his face; Juno again, walking the path in Blidworth woods on a sunny day; a greyscale graffito in London that says 'adore and endure each other'; three dark blue phone boxes, each with a neon lit letter inside, together they spell SOS; the first course of our Sat Bains dinner, a collection of small snacks, one for each flavour type; Jonathan, a white man with dark brown hair and beard, smiling slightly awkwardly at the camera while we're sat at Sat Bains; a poster I saw in London on a shop window, it has a black and white photo of a bull terrier and the caption reads 'my friends say i smile at dogs'; the last course of our Sat Bains meal, two sticks with a cube of thai green curry ice cream, wrapped in cotton candy; my dog Juno with a blue triangular toy in his mouth, side eyeing the camera.



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