Lifenotes #33: August 2023

Lots of life changes, and some travel.

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✨ Highlights

  • I moved into my new flat 🎉
  • Jonathan and I broke up 💔
  • I had Juno castrated, hope he can forgive me.
  • Went to Valencia for a few days, to renew documents and see my friends and family 💛
    • Was really lovely to get a bit of sun and catch up with my friends.
    • I went to an open air cinema screening of Paris, Texas, with my friend Victor, and that was a highlight.
  • Had a little work trip to London straight after
    • Went to another open air cinema session at the Barbican to see Paris is burning, it was so good!
  • Finally sold the house 😌

🎮 Played/Read/Watched

📸 Pics

Collage of pictures from August: Jonathan, a white man with dark hair and beard, sat at a restauran table eating crispy cauliflower; my dog Juno, a fluffy black german shepherd, looking out the window of my new flat on a sunny day; a table in a café, you can see a flat white in a yellow mug, a plate with a muffin topped with a tomato bean sauce and a poached egg, and you can also see an ipad with crosswords on the screen; the bedroom in my new flat, you can see a room with lots of natural light, a green chair and footstool under some shelves filled with books, a big monstera plant and a couple of boxes, you can also see Juno asleep sprawled on the floor; a close up of Juno asleep with his head resting on top of my stomach; some very fluffy clouds, shot sideways through a plane window; my hand with a fresh manicure, 2 nails are red, 1 is lilac, and the other 2 are half and half, split horizontally; my friend Marisa, a white woman with red wavy hair and I, a white woman with brown and grey wavy hair, side by side smiling at the camera; my friend Victor, a white man with black hair, black beard and black rimmed glasses and I, sort of smirking at the camera; the outdoor cinema in Valencia, it's night time and you can see some people sat in white plastic garden chairs, in the background you can see fairy lights hanging from palm tree to palm tree; a sideways shot of an old city gate in Valencia, on a sunny day; a grafitto of a rubber duck with a caption above that reads WTF; my friend Kelly's son, a blonde toddler sat on my lap while I put a shoe back on him; me sat in a restaurant, wearing a flowery dress and having a coffee; me in a bake off style tent baking a cake with one of my coworkers, during a work social; the outdoor cinema at the barbican, you can see people sat in chairs and red fairy lights hung around the seating area.