Lifenotes #34: September 2023

Good friends and good food 💛

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✨ Highlights

  • Started the month in London, and when I went to get the train back I discovered there were strikes, so I had an eventful journey home on the coach 😅
  • Had an initial assessment with a dog trainer, which left me feeling hopeful about the future with Juno - he’s very nervous and that makes things hard.
  • I took Juno to a secure field for the first time, it was so lovely to just play with him while he ran free, without having to stress about anything.
  • Went back to London, worked in the office for a couple of days and went to State of the Browser, so got to hang out with lovely work and web friends ✨

🎮 Played/Read/Watched

  • The unbearable weight of massive talent: wanted something easy to watch, and this fit the bill, plus Pedro Pascal is always a treat to watch.
  • Wild tales: I was after something fun, so I rewatched this, it’s so good.
  • Causeway: this was short and sweet, and Brian Tyree Henry was great as usual.
  • On the count of three: this was original and touching and funny, would highly recommend a watch!
  • Why We Don’t Recommend Ring Cameras by Adrienne So
  • Jedi Survivor: started this cause I haven’t really been playing much lately, haven’t made it very far, but it’s been good so far.
  • Melancholia: this was on my list, so when it came up at my local cinema, I went to see it. It was interesting and different, I enjoyed it.
  • Last night in soho: this was an entertaining watch, it jumped the shark a little, but the story was interesting.
  • Dumb money: whenever I go to London for work, I try and make some time to go to the cinema at the Barbican (best building in London!). This was a fun watch, I remember the whole Gamestop / Robin Hood situation happening, but I wasn’t super clued up on the details.
  • Everybody’s talking about Jamie: my friend Nisha invited me to come see this play and it was SO GOOD! Everyone was super talented, and the story was really sweet.

📸 Pics

Collage of pictures from September: a delicious praline doughnut I got in bakery next to Victoria coach station; my dog Juno, a fluffy black german shepherd looking dejected wearing a cone; Juno wearing his cone and playing with his friend Grace, a fluffy brown and caramel german shepherd, in the picture Grace is standing over Juno, who's lying on the grass looking slightly crazed; Juno wearing a pink inflatable doughnut that looks like a doughnut, sat in front of a grafitto of a pigeon with a pink doughnut around its neck; Juno sat in the park looking backwards at the camera, looking super shiny and cute; my friend Chris, a white man with blonde and grey hair and beard, eating yummy korean food; Juno asleep with his head on my arm; my friend Jamie, a mixed white indian man with short black hair, sat in a café with a coffee and a stack of delicious pancakes; Juno stood with all paws inside a blue paddling pool, drinking from it; a plate with a roast veg taco on it, you can see a jar of pickled onions and a can of beer on the table too; a blue floppy disk with my name on, which was the lanyard for State of the Browser conference; a selfie of my friend Hayden, a white man with reddish blonde hair, and I, basking in the sunshine; my super jazzy lazy oaf crocs, they're platforms with a lime green to blue tie dye effect with big flower and heart charms on; a plate of jackfruit beans on toast with a fried egg and a coffee, from my local café Blend; an incredible looking garlic tofu Bahn Mi, from my local vietnamese bakery; my coffee table, you can see a cup of coffee and a plate with a breakfast wrap covered in chili crunch.