Lifenotes #35: October 2023

Fun local events, family time, and a new nose chain!

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✨ Highlights

  • I went to DDD East Midlands and it was really lovely to see a lot of my friends from the local tech scene again after a long time.
  • My family came to visit and we did a lot of fun things with my mum, my sister and my youngest nephew.
    • We went to Hockley Hustle which is always good fun, we went shopping, we went for lots of nice food and had a nice time.
  • My left nostril piercing healed enough to get my nose chain in ⛓️

🎮 Played/Read/Watched

  • Stop making sense my local cinema advertised this as the best concert film ever made, so even though I wasn't a fan of The Talking Heads I went to see it and I really loved it.
  • Half A Million Kinksters Can’t Be Wrong by Aella
  • Sex education series 4: I watched this sort of all in one go when I was off sick with a bad cold. I really loved Aimee’s arc this series about finding her voice through art, and I found something to cry about in basically every episode.
  • Too much and not enough by Mandy Brown
  • The chair: I watched this because I really like Sandra Oh and it was short and sweet, and quite funny.
  • Little women: I watched this despite not loving period films but it was still really good fun, I enjoyed it. The actors were great and had a fun energy together.
  • GBBO: I did not enjoy this series as much as I enjoyed previous ones. I still watched it and it was still kind of fun but I think this is my last one.
  • The Most Important Management Concept You're Missing: Task Relevant Maturity by Jason Evanish
  • Men in black: While my family was over we were looking for a good family film to watch together, so we watched this. I'd forgotten just how silly and fun it is.
  • Foe: I went to see this at my local cinema (big up Broadway!) and while the actors were very good and they put out good performances, I didn't really love the story so found it a bit meh.
  • Hereditary: I watched this at home on my own, and Juno was asleep the whole time so useless company really. There are some shocking scenes in this film, but I don't really struggle with those. However, the way the film built lots of tension throughout made me actually have to pause it a few times to regroup before continuing 🫣
  • My year of rest and relaxation by Otessa Moshfegh: This was a fun read, it was more than a bit nihilistic but relatable.

📸 Pics

Collage of pictures from October: me trying to lick my nephew's ear, he does not look impressed; my nephew balancing a spinning plastic plate on a stick; my nephew and I trying to juggle some plastic bottle like things; a large brick building with green and pink tentacles coming out from the top of it; the blue sky through dark leafy trees at dusk; my friend Jamie giving a talk at DDD East Midlands; my sister and my nephew posing under some neon lights that look like halos above their heads; Juno asleep on the sofa, with his head on my shoulder; a selfie of me, smiling and showing off my new nose chain and spiky septum ring, both are white gold; my sister in a wine bar smiling and giving me the bird; my friend Hayden and I taking disposable camera pics in the uber boat taxi in London; some nice looking pink plants in my local park; Juno looking mopey on the sofa, holding hands with me; a local band, Seas of Mirth, playing on stage during Hockley Hustle, a local festival; my sister and I at drag bingo during Hockley Hustle too.



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