Lifenotes #36: November 2023

FFConf, Little Simz, and a new bed!

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✨ Highlights

  • FFConf was really great fun, as usual. I got to hang out with my lovely web friends and we had delicious vegan food at Bonsai Plant Kitchen in the lunch break. I loved all of the talks, but these two stood out the most to me:
  • I went to see Little Simz live with a friend in London, and she was incredible, unsurprisingly.
  • The eng christmas party at work was a lot of fun. There was a Dance Dance Revolution machine, nice cocktails, and I got to hang out with my work friends and chat.
  • I got to see my impossibly talented friend Sophie perform with her choir, they were so good!
  • I finally managed to get a bed ordered and delivered, so I'm no longer sleeping on a mattress on the floor 🎉
  • Started training sessions with Juno. We're working with a trainer to hopefully get him a little bit calmer, as he is a very nervous baby 🖤

🎮 Played/Read/Watched

📸 Pics

Collage of pictures from November: A tall building in London disappearing into the clouds on a grey day; some pals sat around a table at the pub after ffconf; my dog Juno, a black, fluffy German shepherd, sat on top of an agility pillar thing with his tongue out; Juno lying on the sofa with his head on my arm and looking at me; the choir concert, you can see a lot of people in the audience and the choir on stage lit with blue and red lights; me and my friend Tris at the pub after ffconf, smiling; a breakfast wrap I made with chilli crunch on top and a cup of coffee on the side; my new bed, it's a yellow upholstered bed, and the bedding is white with a colourful print with lots of animals like leopards and zebras and plants; my local park at night, you can see at the bottom lights inside the houses, a dark blue sky and the moon peeking out amongst the clouds; my hand with a fresh tortoiseshell manicure, in burgundy and brown; Little Simz on stage at  Alexandra Palace, you can see the crowd and the stage, and on it you can see her on one of the screens; my friend Hayden sprawled across a bench on the work Christmas party amongst a bunch of Christmas trees.


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