Lifenotes #37: December 2023

Fun travels, and a lovely Christmas with the family! 🎄

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✨ Highlights

  • I went to Copenhagen at the beginning of the month. It had been on my list for a while, and it didn't disappoint! I had a lovely time, and here are my recs:
    • Logistics pick: (i know, i know)
      • If you’re a museum babe and a public transport babe like me I’d highly recommend the copenhagen card. I got the 72h one for £99 - it covers all public transport and a lot of attractions, including all the museums, canal boat tours, castles, et al. One the biggest perks in my book was not having to learn / care about transport zones and fares, I just looked up the journey on maps and hopped on the train / bus / metro.
    • Food picks:
      • Gro Spiseri → this is a communal table in a greenhouse in a rooftop urban farm. They only use organic Danish produce, and the food was divine!
      • Juno the bakery → I went cause it was well recommended and cause my dog is called Juno and - wow - their cardamom bun was life changing.
      • Pate pate → in the meat packing district, good wine and really tasty food.
    • Attraction picks:
      • Design museum → I love design museums and this one was no exception! I particularly enjoyed the Future is Present exhibition - it even had a lampshade made of cow intestines - and it was cute, 10/10 would hang in my home.
      • Copenhagen contemporary → I made it there half an hour before it shut, but I still got to have a glimpse at some very cool exhibitions, including a giant video wall and the guardian angels exhibit.
      • Glyptoteket → the collection is great, but the building itself is incredible.
      • Botanical gardens → I like plants, that is all.
  • Here’s the full itinerary I did and I already have a couple of things earmarked for next time:
    • Louisiana museum of modern art → I only spotted this in my 3rd day and it’s a bit far from the city, so it would have been a tight fit.
    • Malmö → I did go over for a couple of hours, but I wish I’d gone for a day trip instead, it’s cute city! Maybe next time I’ll get to the museum of disgusting foods.
  • Had another work Christmas party, this time for the operations collective. It was great fun, and I won second place on the best dressed competition! (I dressed like a Christmas tree 🎄)
  • Went to Italy with my family for Christmas, which was really nice. We spent a few days in Peio skiing, and then went down to Riccione to spend Christmas with my brother in law's family.
    • Learning to ski was really fun, and I LOVED going for a walk at night while we were in the Alps, you could see so many stars 🌠
    • My sister's birthday is on Christmas day, so it was nice to be with her for her 40th!
  • After Christmas we all came to Nottingham and spent a few days in my apartment (all 6 of us + Juno!). It was nice to have a few more relaxed days, and I went to do a VR escape room with Bruno which was fun.
  • Had a very lovely chilled out New Year's Eve with my friend Alan and Juno 🥂

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📸 Pics

Collage of pictures from December: The snowy botanical gardens in Copenhagen, you can see the frozen lake, and at the back the main conservatory building; the winter garden at the Glyptoteket, a glass domed courtyard with lovely bushes and trees and a fountain in the middle, with a statue of a nude woman fighting some cursed babies; my youngest nephew Manuel posing with his ski gear on the mountain; my eyes poking out of my coat hood at the top of the spire on the church of our saviour in Copenhagen; a lampshade made out of cow intestines, in the Copenhagen design museum, it's a sort of clump of lit up beige wormy looking things; a big screen with a volcanic looking splash at the Copenhagen Contemporary; me throwing the ball to Juno, my dog, at our local park, you can see the Nottingham council house in the background; my lovely sister, holding her birthday cake with candles at the top that say 40; my oldest nephew Bruno and I on the way up the mountain on the ski lift; me in a restaurant in Peio, with the resident cat on my lap asking for pets; a selfie of me in Nyhavn, Copenhagen, the port with the colourful buildings; the Mälmo shore through a sculpture near the train station; two pink leather wings, from the guardian angels exhibit at the Copenhagen Contemporary; my nephew Bruno and I smiling at the dinner table; the wing of the SAS plane out of Copenhagen, you can see the pink blue sky and a bit Mälmo at the bottom.



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