Lifenotes #38: January 2024

Lots of social time, and some good films.

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โœจ Highlights

  • Went on some fun dates, and had quite a few hang outs with my lovely friends ๐Ÿ’›
  • My friend Hayden came to visit, and we went to Yorkshire Sculpture Park, which was really nice, and I could bring Juno ๐Ÿพ
    • I was so surprised to see some Ai Weiwei sculptures there, the very same I'd seen by a museum in Prague several years ago.
  • Went to Beat the Streets festival with my pals and saw some great gigs.
  • Our work team social was really fun, we did some painting together ๐ŸŽจ

๐ŸŽฎ Played/Read/Watched

๐Ÿ“ธ Pics

Collage of pictures from January: My dog Juno, a fluffy black German Shepherd lying on the sofa looking at me with all my fingers in his mouth; selfie of me and my pals Rachael and Nisha, at Beat the Streets music festival; one the music acts at the festival, on stage under blue pink lights; a group of sculptures by Ai Weiwei, of the Chinese horoscope animals' heads on tall pillars; Juno mid run by the river in the sculpture park; one of the sculptures in the park, a low wide rectangular black panel with a poem written in large white letters across it, you can see a big tree in the background; Juno sleeping on the sofa in a patch of sun; a colourful grafitto I saw in London, it says 'we all make errors'; a big table at the art studio, with my team mates sat at easels painting; my painting, a group of leaves painted fairly badly but colourful; Hayden and I at the sculpture park, completely windswept; the back of the earlier poem sculpture, it reads 'nothing special happened'; my local park at night, you can see dark trees and lit up houses, and the moon behind some clouds; mirror selfie of me with a cute red crop top i thrifted; a mug I got in Studio Arhoj in Copenhagen, it's ceramic and handmade, with some cartoonish characters drawn on.



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