Lifenotes #39: February 2024

A chilled out month 😌

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✨ Highlights

  • I got back into crafting a bit, and made my hallway into a ‘toddler art wall’ with all the things I’ve crafted / made. The energy is the fridge door where you dutifully put up your child’s ugly drawings.
  • Had a loooovely spa day with my friends Rachael and Anna, I’d had a very busy few weeks at work and it ended the day before our spa day so it was just ✨ the best ✨
  • Spent some time with Rachael and Nisha planning our trip to the US later this year, very exciting! 🎉

🎮 Played/Read/Watched

  • The Holdovers: this was a really sweet film, a feel good Christmas story.
  • Bonnie and Clyde: my local cinema showed this on Valentine’s day, so I went to see it cause I never had. It was a good watch, and parts of it were genuinely funny, like every time they drove off, loud aggressive banjo played, regardless of the tone of the scene 😂
  • Taylor Tomlinson: Have it all: I like Taylor’s humour, so I enjoyed this a lot.
  • Little Fires Everywhere: I read the book a while back, and it made me wanna watch this, it was good, if a bit flat.
  • My Cousin Vinny: I was off sick one day and looking for something light and fun to watch so I watched this, Marisa Tomei is just excellent in it.
  • Hacks: got a rec for this off someone I follow on TikTok and it was really great fun, I love 30 minute comedies and this is a very good one.
  • Perfect Days: went to see this in the cinema and loved it so much! Good music, good vibes, and touching characters 💛

📸 Pics

Collage of pictures from February: My dog Juno, a fluffy black German Shepherd, intensely staring at his favourite toy, the blue triangle; a bowl of mashed potatoes with plant balls covered in grated parmesan; a thank you sign in a cool vintage-y font I saw in a car park; a bunch of fabric I got at a vintage shop to practice sewing; Juno cutely asleep on his bed; a few little fruit dudes I cross stiched; my friend Hayden with his dog Jaz in his lap, smiling, Jaz is a very smol Staffie and Chihuahua mix; Juno in my local park, looking goofy with his blue ring toy around his face; my toddler art wall, which a pink sewn banner with a rainbow, a pretty bad painting of some leaves, and some ceramic tiles I decorated a while ago; Juno was poorly so he was allowed a cuddle in bed with me, this pic is him asleep with his head on my legs in bed; me awkwardly pressing a keyboard shortcut, you can see my blue and orange nails, and black keyboard; a landscape picture of a field in Cotgrave Country Park; Juno asleep sprawled on the sofa with the blue triangle next to him; Juno lying on his bed, looking straight up at the camera; some cute colourful geometric candle handlers I saw at a vintage shop, still considering going back for them.


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