Lifenotes #41: April 2024

Getting back into hobbies and community organising.

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✨ Highlights

  • Saw Everything Everything live at Rock City with my good friend Sam, who I hadn't seen in years! They were really great, and it was nice to catch up with Sam.
  • I've been meaning to learn a bit about photography, so I got an old camera off eBay for £30 to learn the basics. It's a Canon Powershot SX120 IS.
  • Had a smol fire in my apartment, the thermostat in my boiler spontaneously combusted. I caught it early and shut down all the switches in the fuse box, so thankfully it wasn't much more than a big scare for Juno and I, well that and a flat full of black smoke and soot.
    • Bizarrely this is when I heard from my landlord for the first time, they sent me flowers and a card that basically said 'soz there was a fire at your flat' 😂
  • I rejoined Nottingham Hackspace, hopefully this time I'll go in more and get to know people there 🤞🏼
    • I'm joining the space's village at EMF Camp, so hoping that's a good start!
  • Started to tentatively look at houses to buy, given my lease is up in August.
  • My friend Nisha invited me to go see some stand up comedy, and it was really great fun, all the comedians on that evening were great.
    • Two things to know:
      • Nottingham is a popular destination for stag / hen dos.
      • Comedians in small venues are savage at the crowd work.
    • You do the math.
  • I'm dipping my toe into event organising again, helping to bring back Women in Tech Nottingham 💛 I find it really rewarding and I've missed it dearly, and I'm so excited to meet the lovely local friends I haven't seen in a while.

🎮 Played/Read/Watched

📸 Pics

Collage of pictures from April: My dog Juno, a fluffy black German Shepherd, asleep sprawled on his blue velvet bed; a spicy pisco sour I had at a Peruvian café in London, garnished with a slice of orange and a chilli; a white macrame keychain I made, it's a bit wonky but looks ok; a patch of starry sky at my local park; Juno asleep on his bed again, I know there's a lot of that, but he's cute; Juno 'stood up' with his paws on a tree trunk looking up at the squirrel that evaded him; Everything Everything on stage at Rock City, lit up with purple and blue lights; my boiler thermostat burnt up with a big smoke mark up the wall from it; Juno curled up on the sofa, with his yellow ball, and looking at the camera; the box of some new Sony over ear headphones I got; Juno cuddled up to me on the sofa, he's got his paw across my chest and is looking cutely away; some stickers on my laptop, my friend Hayden's dog Jaz saying 'Ship it', and a couple of raccoons saying 'Let's talk trash', an e-ink badge I've been playing with, with my name and website; a grafitto I saw in East London, a weird red blobby creature with big teeth; Juno asleep on the sofa, with his head on my shoulder, he has a little patch of fur shaved off his leg cause he had surgery.



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